HDD Busy Shorting Professional Tool SEAGATE and WD-Short-Tool


  • Tool so short the head-signals on different models of hard-disks.
  • Button operated for exact timing.
  • The pins are spring-loaded.
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  1. HDD Busy Professional Tool. is one new hard drive repair tool, this is hardware only tool, no software included.
  2. HDD Busy HDD Busy Professional Tool. is specially designed for easy shorting and grasping the right time to short successfully. Pressing the button means shorting on, releasing the button means shorting off. Users just need to find the correct shorting points and put the two pins on the shorting points and then press and release the button to complete the shorting process.
  3. HDD Busy Professional Tool. is mainly used for Western Digital and Seagate firmware corrupted data recovery cases.
  4. HDD Busy Professional Tool. is used to short connect the hard drive read channels. Within many data recovery cases, the drives keep busy due to firmware failure and if users find the correct shorting points on the PCB and short connecting them, the drive will bypass the damaged firmware read and get ready.
  5. For Western Digital drives, users usually short connect TV 9 and TV 10(A most common one) or P9 P10 or E47 and ground to get drives ready.
  6. For Seagate hard drives, different PCB has different shorting points.

Please note: These busy shorting pins don’t fix all busy cases.


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