Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drives save all of our important business and personal data, ranging from databases, documents, emails and contracts to family photos taken on a holiday or a first-born child. The horror comes when we relise that we suddenly have lost our valuable data. It is like losing your keys to the house and you do not have any spare keys to get back to the house. All of a sudden, you are locked out of your data. Just don’t panic! Fortunately Accelics Data Recovery Lab has been at the forefront of providing hard drive recovery since 2000 and are capable to handle any data loss scenario.

Professional hard drive recovery services vs DIY hard drive recovery

The biggest question the customer should ask himself at this stage is the degree of imposrtance you attach to your lost data and whether or not you are prepared to risk not getting it back. If the data is less critical and perhaps you get back some or most of it from other sources such as a backup tape or or external hard drive, then you could perhaps allow yourself to experiment with DIY hard drive recovery and see if you can download software from the internet and see if there is any chance of data recovery. However if your data is mission critical and you have no way of getting it from any other sources, then you have to consider using a professional and reputable hard drive recovery service provider such as Data Recovery Lab.

External Hard Drive Recovery

Advanced Hard Drive Recovery Techniques & Facilities

Data Recovery Lab have developed proven and tested propriatory methods and techniques over many years of expertise in hard drive recovery. With our advanced hard drive recovery lab in Meerut, we can provide you hard drive recovery service. It does not matter how your hard drive failed or what caused its failure, we will be able to recover the data from the faulty hard disk and return the recovered data back to you on a new, healthy external hard disk.

Common Data Loss Causes

There are many things that can happen to a hard drive resulting in data loss. Depending on the extent of the damage, there are different hard drive recovery options. As an experienced hard drive recovery company. We will give you the best chance of recovery where the hard hard drive is non-operational because of any of the following:

  • An electronic failure;
  • Mechanical failure due to shock or knock;
  • Volume Corrruption /Data Corruption;
  • Degraded read-write heads;
  • Overwritten Data

Authorised Hard Drive Recovery Services

We have been certified to perform hard drive recovery by major hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, Lacie, Iomega, QNAP and Toshiba to open hard drive for the purpose of data recovery without invalidating warranty.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price Features
1 Logical Recovery Starting from ₹2500 This Type of Data Recovery is Done When There is No Semi Physical Or Physical Problem In Your Hard Disc Media And the Logical Structure Has Gone Bad of The File System Due To Some Error Or A Virus.This Pricing Is Typically Of Data That Needs More Time/Effort Then Simple Logical Data Recovery .
2 Logical Advanced Recovery Starting From ₹3500 This Type of Data Recovery is Done When There is No Semi Physical Or Physical Problem In Your USB Pen Drive Media And the Logical Structure Has Gone Bad of The File System Due To Some Error / Virus Attack .This Pricing Is Typically Of Data That Needs More Time / Effort Then Simple Logical Data Recovery And Intermidiate Logical Data Recovery .Typical Case is When File System is Damaged Extensively Like By Reinstalling New Operating system Etc .
3 Firmware Issue Starting From ₹5500 This Type of Normal Mechanical Hard Drive Failure Happens When The Mainboard ” The Electronic Logic Board ” Under The Hard Drive Fails Due To Whatever Reason .For Such Failures We Have a Special Chip Level Repairing Area Where We Adapt a New Mainboard To Work With Your Drive And Recover Data  .Kindly Note That We Have Experienced Few Computer Service And Repair Companies Trying The Same With Dangerous Results Like Buring The Flex PCB Cable Inside Media Due To Installation Of Wrong Mainboard In Your Drives ,Stay Away From Such Companies .
4 Physical Recovery Starting From ₹8500 This Kind Of Data Recovery Is Required If Your Hard Drive is Knocking/Not Knocking And We Have Diagnosed a Head Issue . For This Type Of Data Recovery a Cleanroom Is Required And Advance Experience And Skill For Head Swaps With Extensive Practice .To Solve This Kind Of Problems In Hard Drives a Donor Hard Drive Is Required  [ By Matching Few Parameters ] And Then The Parts From Donor Hard Drive Have To Be Shifted To Your Patient Drive .The Most Difficult Part Is Arranging Donor Drive For a Head Swap .Kindly Note That The Cost Of 1 Donor Hard Drive Is Included .Generally Once The Donor Drive Is Arranged It Can Take 3 To 7 Days To Complete This Kind Of Job .The Problem Cannot Be Sorted Out If The Platter [ Surface ] Of Hard Drive is Scratched .Scratched Media Required More Time And Money And Would Be Discussed Seperately With You .We Do This Kind Of Jobwork in Steps First Step is Taking Rs :1250/- ” Again Included In Your Quoted Rate ” For Cleanroom Inspection of Your Drive Physically ” This is Also Called CRI Charges ” ,Once CRI Stage is Passed You Have To Give Us Payment For Arranging Donor And Once Donor is Arranged We Will Do The Rest of The Case .Also Note That Seagate Drives Are Extremely Poor Quality in Platter And Do Require More Then 1 Donor Generally .

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